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How do SMS shipping notifications work?Updated 2 months ago

When opting into SMS shipping notifications, you will be sent a text to the cell phone number on file between the hours of 8AM - 8PM local time and we won’t use your cell phone for marketing purposes.

The text will be sent once your order has shipped and will provide the tracking number as well as the estimated delivery date. A text will also be sent if you miss a delivery attempt.

How can I opt in to SMS shipping notifications?

You can opt into SMS shipping notifications by logging into your Winc Membership account and going to your Account Settings. Scroll down and check the box next to "SMS Shipping Notifications” or via our mobile app. Simple as that!

If you’d like you can also email/chat/call us and we will be more than happy to opt you into SMS shipping notifications on our end.

**Standard text rates may apply.**

How can I opt out of SMS shipping notifications?

In the same way, you opted in, you can opt out of SMS shipping notifications at any time through your Account Settings page or via our mobile app. You can also reply “STOP” at any time to any shipping message you have received.

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