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How do Winc's Give A Box and referral programs work?Updated 2 months ago

At Winc we believe wine should be a shared experience. That's why we offer two different referral programs to choose from.

1) Give a Box

With Give A Box you have the opportunity to show friends some love and introduce them to the Winc Membership with a promo on their first order for 3 bottles on us ($39 off). All they'll need to do is cover tax and shipping for that first order.

After you share, your friend will receive an email explaining their $39 off promo to join the Winc Membership. They'll be enrolled in the Winc Membership upon redeeming but, just like you, they can skip a month or cancel whenever needed.

If they're having trouble finding the email, they can check their spam or promotional folders. If they're still experiencing trouble, we encourage you to contact us. To best help you out, please include both your email address and your friend's email address.

You can find the number of available Give A Boxes, as well as a record of your friends who have signed up, under your account.

Please note that Give A Box can only be sent to new members, cannot be combined with any other promotions or referral programs, and that abuse of this program will result suspension of your Winc Membership.

2) Referral Link

Want to earn credits for referring? Then this is the program for you! If your friend signs up for the Winc Membership with your invite link, you both get credits to enjoy. We'll give you up to $30 - that's 2 bottles on the house - and your friend $30. 

Once you’re logged in, you can access your personal invite link under the Earn Credits section of your account. You can share your link via email, text, or social media.

Referral Breakdown
First Month's Order
Second Month's Order
Your Credits (Total=$30)
Your Friend's Credits (Total=$30)

Your friend will receive  credits in their account for their first order. Once they receive their order, you will get 15 credits that month, too! If your friend continues their Winc Membership for another month, you'll get another 15 credits their second month, as well. You can refer as many friends as you want to rack up credits.

Please note that if your friends or family use a promotion code instead of your invite link to activate their account, the referral credit does not apply since promotions cannot be combined.

Also please note that referral terms and conditions are subject to change.

Already shared your link and not seeing your credits yet?

You will receive your 15 credits once your friend's monthly order is delivered. And you'll receive an additional 15 credits upon your friend receiving their second order.

If you believe their order has already been received but don’t see your credits, please contact us with your full name and email address, as well as your friend’s full name and email address. We will be happy to look into that for you!

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