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More Winc Gift FAQsUpdated 4 months ago

  • Can I send an e-gift with a delayed send?
    • Great question! At this point, we do not have the ability to delay send our gift cards. If you'd like to purchase now and print out to give to someone on a specific date, simply send to yourself, print out the gifting email, and the recipient can redeem under "Redeem a Gift" on their profile. 
  • Where can I see if I have credit remaining on my account?
    • If you have credit left on your account, sign in and proceed at checkout which will indicate the remaining balance on your account. 
  • Do I have to have a Winc subscription to purchase or redeem a gift card?
    • Nope! We only ask you to log in or create an account so we can send you an order confirmation but this will not result in a subscription. Just make sure you're not signing up for the membership when checking out. 
  • Which wine can I choose from if I have a gift card?
    • All of them! As long as the value is covered by your gift card you will not be charged. If you select wines that exceed the value of your gift, you will be charged the difference. The value of each wine as well as the member pricing is indicated on the wine selection page. 
  • I redeemed a gift card and have credit left on my account, now what? 
    • If you have credit left on your account, it will automatically apply to your next delivery(ies) when you start a subscription. Don’t worry, you can stop the plan at any time! Go to your account, select “skip a month” or contact us and ask to have your membership canceled. 
  • Can I buy a gift for someone who lives in a different country? 
    • Unfortunately, we do not support this yet as we can only ship to the US. Please note, you can also only purchase if you're located in the US. 
  • Can more than one voucher, promo code, gift card, and/or credits be applied to the same order?
    • Nope, only one promo code, discount, or credit can apply to an order at a time except a case discount (10%) since this does not require a specific code. With that, if you are interested in signing up and would like to get the intro offer, you can reach out to our Customer Experience team and we manually add credits for it. 
  • Am I redeeming a free box or gift card? Why do I need to enter a payment method? 
    • When signing up for Winc, you are enrolling in a monthly, auto-renewing subscription service.
    • Coupons or vouchers may discount all or part of your initial delivery, but your subscription will automatically continue (with monthly charges to your account) unless you choose to skip or cancel deliveries.
    • Just remember to let us know at least 48 hours aka (2 days) prior to your next scheduled delivery if you wish to skip or cancel - no minimum commitment required.
    • If you are redeeming an e-gift card purchased from our website, you will not be enrolled in a subscription unless you opted in.
    • We simply ask for a valid payment method so that you can easily convert your account to a subscription if you wish to continue after receiving your initial order or have used all of your gift card credits.
    • Rest assured, however, that we will not enroll or charge you for additional deliveries unless you choose to convert your gift card account to a subscription. 
  • Can I place a bulk order for multiple gift cards? 
    • Nope! This is currently not available and you need to place bulk orders online here.
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