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How do I rate and add notes for a wine I’ve received?Updated 2 months ago

You can rate wines directly from the Winc website here.

There you can start rating by using this guide:

  • 1 Star = I didn't like it at all. 

  • 2 Stars = It's okay. I'd give it to friends. 

  • 3 Stars = I enjoyed it and would drink it again. 

  • 4 Stars = This bottle was great! 

  • 5 Stars = I can't get enough! 

The more wines you rate, the better. And don’t be afraid to rate a wine lower if you don’t love it. Your Personal Wine Ratings improve our ability to recommend wines that are the most suited to your palate.

Another great feature to utilize when you're rating your wines is Wine Notes. With notes, you can jot down the most memorable things about the wine, where you enjoyed it, and who you shared it with. For example, did you take a bottle to a Game of Thrones viewing party with a small group of friends? A housewarming party? Or a night in with Netflix?

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