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How does the Winc membership work?Updated 4 months ago

Winc is a direct-to-consumer winery revolutionizing the way you discover, buy, and share wine. By working directly with vineyards and winemakers, we are able to give our Winc Membership members access to exceptional, small-lot wines from around the world.

Each month we'll introduce you to new wines that match your tastes, share the story behind each bottle, and wine knowledge you can share with friends.

Winc's Insider Access membership is a monthly charge. 

Once signed up for our Winc membership, you will be charged a monthly fee and credit will be deposited into your account ($1 = 1 credit). We'll provide recommendations of wines we think you'll enjoy in your cart. You must check out each month to receive your wines, otherwise, your credits will build up. For our insider access membership, orders do not automatically ship.

Your member credits can be redeemed toward the purchase of Winc wines at any time. There are no additional membership fees to join, and shipping is included on orders of 4 or more bottles. 

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