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How does the Winc membership work?

Winc is a direct-to-consumer winery revolutionizing the way you discover, buy, and share wine. By working directly with vineyards and winemakers, we are able to give our Winc Membership members access to exceptional, small-lot wines from around the w

Can I find Winc wines in stores and restaurants?

Many of our Winc wines are completely exclusive. They consist of both imported and domestic wines made in partnership with some of the top winemakers in the world and wines we make ourselves. However, we are a growing presence in many fantastic resta

Why do most Winc bottles not have a cork capsule?

Back in the day, capsules were used to protect corks from rodents or dirt in old cellars. Now they are used more for decoration and tradition since wine bottles are stored in cellars or warehouses where temperature, moisture, and cleanliness are all

Why do all my wines say bottled by Buellton, CA, BWSC, or WINC?

We are a full-blown winery—the fastest-growing winery in history, in fact. While we work with winemakers, growers, and vineyards from around the globe, we bottle everything at our own winemaking facility in Buellton, CA. This is an incredibly efficie