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Why do all my wines say bottled by Buellton, CA, BWSC, or WINC?Updated 2 months ago

We are a full-blown winery—the fastest-growing winery in history, in fact. While we work with winemakers, growers, and vineyards from around the globe, we bottle everything at our own winemaking facility in Buellton, CA. This is an incredibly efficient, environmentally friendly way to spend more time, energy, and resources on the wines as opposed to packaging and transportation. It's also helpful for our partners as the wine is able to be their sole focus.

Ultimately, it allows us to deliver the highest quality product at accessible prices to our members and allows you to try wine from small appellations and from unique grape varietals that aren't really well known to most because they tend to be really expensive.

We welcome your feedback on our wine and hope we can help you learn more along the way!

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