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How can I purchase Winc wines if I am not a member?

At this time, you can only order Winc Wine by signing up for a Winc Membership when checking out, we do not sell on our website A-La-Carte. We're hoping to offer this option in the near future. Should you be interested in ordering Winc, please sign u

How many bottles can I order each month?

Our Monthly orders start with a minimum of 3 bottles, but you can order as many additional bottles as you like. And in an order of 4 bottles or more, shipping is on us!. There is no maximum number of bottles you can order. Feel free to put as many in

When I really enjoy a wine from a previous month how do I order more?

We're happy to hear you found a new favorite wine! To order more, simply look for it on the Wines page. If you see the wine there, we still have bottles available, so go ahead and add one or more to your next delivery! Or we're more than happy to do

How does the Ship Now feature work?

Disclaimer: This feature is only available for our Legacy Autoship members. The Ship Now feature is available to our members who want to process a shipment on a day other than their processing date. Depending on when you use the Ship Now feature, a S

Where can I find the status of my Membership order?

Once you have selected the wines you would like in your monthly order, you are able to see the date they will process in the Order History section of your account. There, you can see the wines in your current order as well as the status. Here are a f

Why was my Winc Membership order rejected?

Usually, it's one of two reasons:. 1. We may not be able to ship to your state. Federal and state regulations restrict the states and counties where we're able to ship. Check out that list here. 2.  Might be as simple as using a different credit card

I removed all the bottles from my box. Does this cancel my order?

Disclaimer: This feature is only available for our Legacy Autoship members. Winc Insider Access members must place orders monthly with credits. No, removing the bottles from your box does not cancel your upcoming order. Because the Winc Membership is

How can I cancel my Winc order?

You can skip your upcoming monthly order order by choosing to Skip a Month under the Account Dashboard section of your account. The order date you’ll be skipping will be noted above the Skip a Month button. Autoship members: Remember to skip at least