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I removed all the bottles from my box. Does this cancel my order?Updated 2 months ago

Disclaimer: This feature is only available for our Legacy Autoship members. Winc Insider Access members must place orders monthly with credits. 

No, removing the bottles from your box does not cancel your upcoming order. 

Because the Winc Membership is a monthly wine club, we add personalized recommendations to your box each month based on your palate profile However, we encourage our members to explore all of our wine offerings and to add or remove any bottles they choose. In the event that your box is empty at the time of your order date, Winc will recommend bottles for you to ensure that you do not miss out on your monthly order.

If you do not want wines for a particular month, you can utilize our Skip a Month feature. When your account is skipped, you will not be charged for nor receive wine that month. The Skip a Month feature is unlimited. You can use it as often as you like, free of charge. To skip your monthly order, please sign in and click the Skip a Month button under the My Membership section. Be sure to do this 48 hours prior to your order date to ensure that your order does not ship.

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